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My name is Barbara Bernini. I was born into a multi-cultural family of nomads, travelers and adventurers, with an innate, unstoppable thirst for seeing, knowing, exploring and understanding this breathtaking planet and its life.

I first held a camera in my hands at the age of twelve, and refused to give it back. Although my first career(s) revolved around words, I never stopped being a photographer. In 2014, I finally took the leap and turned my passion into my vocation: as a black-and-white street photographer.

I have lived in and explored amazing places of this fascinating world, and after four years in Asia, I have recently returned to Europe to embark on a new adventure in Barcelona, my home-away-from-home. I am fluent in eight languages and continue learning new ones, as life has taught me the shortest way to people's hearts leads through the language they speak.

Every adventurer needs an occasional break and a home to return to. When I don't roam the planet, I rest and reenergize in my Barcelona home. Yoga and meditation keep me centered, and I never refuse a glass of good wine, a delicious meal, and an evening with friends.

My work

I am a passionate storyteller curious about the human experience. I find the metropolises of our planet fascinating: I love immersing myself in the charm of their everyday moments and capturing unexpected micro-stories of their dwellers. To me, photography is a meditation, it is a path of soul-searching, a process of self-discovery, a precious way to see, feel and connect with the world and fellow human beings unlike any other.


People often ask me what gear I use, but to me, gear is irrelevant. Photographs are created through the soul of the photographer. Photography is the art of seeing beyond the obvious and feeling your way through the day, and your camera is just a tool. A tool to be mastered, but still just a tool. A tool that cannot make an extraordinary photograph, only you can do that.

Black and white

I tell my stories in black and white because I find color distracting. I want you to truly see the story, the moment, and feel the colors of emotion instead. There's magic in black and white, and a lot of charm in its naked simplicity.


All my photographs are square because I love the ability of square images to tell a concentrated story. I love and greatly enjoy the creative challenge of squares. Their seemingly limited space allows me to play with the story I'm capturing in a more creative way, and teaches me to focus on what's truly important, while leaving out the rest.


Street photography is an amazing calling and vocation, and also a great adventure. It is my desire to share its irresistible spell, see as many people as possible fall madly for street photography and have their lives changed by it. In my online and in-person workshops and classes, I help fellow photographers liberate their inner artist, immerse themselves in the creative process, and make deep, soulful, authentic photographs that express their unique way of seeing and being in the world. It is my great joy to watch passionate street photographers build a meaningful body of work they are proud of, and become the photographers they have always dreamt of becoming.