Street Photography: A Life Path

Street Photography: A Life Path

" Street photography is a witness of life,
an ambassador for humanity. "

I never thought I'd become a street photographer. For a long time, I just experimented. Learned. Explored. Landscape photography, nature photography, macro, travel, still life, abstract. For a while, I even played with the idea of turning a spare room into a studio and doing boudoir photography.

Looking back, I don't regret any of those creative flings. They taught me a lot. About the craft, about the art, about the tools. They helped me become confident with my camera. They trained my eyes. They shaped my vision.

But that night in Paris changed it all. I made a choice to love streets in black and white. The streets chose me as one of their ambassadors. Streets are like that. They have a magic pull. And they are very picky. They watch you for a while, tempt you and test you, until one day they decide to give you that one, final moment of awe that will lure you into their arms forever. You lose your soul to them, yet you find your heart.

Street photography is a life path, a calling, an obsession. A connector, a teacher, a peace-maker. It's true, raw, straightforward. Playful, whimsical, mischievous. Shocking, revealing, exhausting. A rollercoaster of emotions. Yes, it's many things, but never monotonous, predictable or boring.

Why would anyone want to be chosen by street photography? Why would anyone want to dedicate their life to this art? Street photography is one of the hardest, most challenging art forms. It requires more than skills, it requires a vision, and it's very physical. It asks a lot from you: to face your fears, to take the leap, to become a better person. To patiently walk and observe. And when you finally find that magical moment that begs to be captured, the street often takes it away from you. You're not fast enough. Someone walks in front of your lens. The person turns away. It's gone for good, and it's a tough loss, but the only thing to do is take a deep breath and start walking again. In street photography, nothing is ever certain or guaranteed.

But still, the rewards are much greater than the challenges. The ecstasy of having "a keeper" at the end of the day, knowing you have frozen a moment in time and made it eternal. Realizing you have seen a miracle in the ordinary, that you have a story to tell, an emotion to share.

Without you, that moment would be lost forever. The world would not experience it through your eyes and your heart. The world would not learn, cry, smile, become wiser, kinder. The world would not have the chance to stop, and think, and feel.

Street photography is more than art. Street photography is a witness of life, an ambassador for humanity. It changes the way we see, and makes us better. It's a gift. I'm honored it chose me.