What If Everything Was Sacred?

Street Photography - What If Everything Was Sacred

“As street photographers, we are here to witness the sacred
and use it to inspire, uplift, amaze.”

Our days seem short and we feel our years pass by before we get a chance to take a breath. We are being carried away by the whirlwind of have-to, should-have, hate-this-but-gotta-do-it and there's-no-time-left-for-me. We do too much, and we do most of it on autopilot. Our days are short because there is nothing memorable about them. Or actually, there is, but we speed through them like tanks on an adrenaline overdose, too busy to notice.

Our creative work gets caught in the middle of the chaos. Labeled too frivolous, too unimportant, too selfish, it ends up at the very end of our priority list. In the meantime, there are stories out there that will never be told, that will be forgotten forever, because you were the only one who could tell them. But you were not there. Or maybe you were there physically, but your mind was elsewhere, and you chose to ignore the whispers of your soul.

Make photographs. Check. Download them. Check. Edit them. Check. Upload to Instagram. Check. Obsess about likes. Check. Great. Let's move on. I gotta feed the cat.

Being alive is exquisite. Every breath and every heartbeat is the result of the most complicated process in this Universe that works like magic, generously and selflessly, day and night, so we can receive this precious gift called life every morning and take it for granted for another day, another week, another year. Until there are no more days, until there are no more breaths or heartbeats to waste.

What if everything was sacred? What if we treated everything we do every single day, the mundane, the obvious, the routine, the little, as if it was sacred? What if we said "thank you" when our feet touch the floor in the morning? What if we smelled fresh coffee with our eyes closed for a second longer before taking the first sip? What if our creative work was a sacred privilege, a gift to cherish and nurture, instead of another anxiety-producing item on our endless to-do-list? And what if we all went rogue for a day and collectively burned our to-do-lists to a crisp to make space for the real, the meaningful, the beautiful, the sacred?

Life is not what happens to us. Life is what we choose to do with it, right now. As street photographers, we are here to witness the sacred and use it to inspire, uplift, amaze. Your photograph is a sacred pause in someone's life: That moment when the world gets still for a minute, and she can sit down, smell the fresh coffee for a second longer before taking the first sip, and feel the story you were meant to tell her. The story she connects with. The emotion that resonates. Sacred.

What if you went out today with your camera, and made just one photograph. Just one. With your heart open wide, with your soul spreading her wings, fully aware of the moment you choose to press the shutter release and make something sacred.

Yes, she is there, waiting. Slowly smelling the fresh coffee for a second longer. Scrolling down her Instagram feed, hoping for a story that will make her stop and feel. What story are you going to tell her?