Does Your Photography Matter?

Does Your Photography Matter

Your photography matters. To you. Let the world follow.

Essentially, we all want our work to be loved. We want to be acknowledged by our peers and admired by our audience. We want to hear that our creative endeavors are meaningful, worthwhile, and really good. Making photographs and putting ourselves out there makes us vulnerable, and we long for our daily shot of reassurance.

There's nothing wrong with that. Unless you shoot only for yourself and keep your photographs hidden on your hard drive, you do this work not just for your own enjoyment, but also for the enjoyment of others. You have an inner fire that drives you to explore the world and the depth of humanity. You have a desire to create art and make a difference by sharing it.

Thanks to modern technologies, we have instant access to the whole world, and the whole world has access to us. Which is both wonderful and dangerous. Riding the wave of external validation is highly addictive, and if we judge our creative work by how others perceive it, we risk losing our souls.

Your photography matters, as long as it matters to you. As long as you still know that your own vision, and your own enjoyment of the creative process, is more important than the number of followers, likes and words of praise. As long as walking the streets and making photographs still energizes you and puts a smile on your face.

Be honest with yourself and with your art: "I am a photographer because this works matters to me." Make this your daily mantra. Make photographs because you love them, not because you want the world to love you. Photography, just like any other art form, must be loved by its creator first, because love, passion and devotion always shine through the end result.

Your photography matters. To you. Let the world follow.