Walk the streets with confidence.
Make deeper photographs.
Create an authentic body of work.

Do you want to:

  • Make deeper, more intentional street photographs?

  • Get close to your subjects without fear or hesitation, and make candid street portraits with more ease?

  • Build a body of work aligned with your creative voice and vision?

  • Overcome doubt and fears, and replace them with courage and confidence?

  • Share your work with the world in a joyful, confident, connected way?

In this class I will teach you all this, and much more. I will share with you everything I have learned about the art of photographer's courage and confidence: how to build it, how to nurture and maintain it, and how to use it to make better photographs. Because photographs are not taken, they are made through your heart and soul.

I will guide you through 10 building blocks of photographer's confidence, and give you practical tips on how to cultivate them in your own life and work.

I have also created accompanying creative exercises that will help you implement everything you have learned and put it into practice right away.

This class will help you thrive, no matter where you are on your photography journey. Maybe street photography is just a hobby for you, maybe you aspire to become a full-time photographer, and maybe you already are one. Your professional status is irrelevant. The only thing you need is your love for street photography, and the desire to make photographs with joy, courage and confidence.

I have put my photographer's heart and soul into creating this. It’s the foundation of my own creative work, that I rely on every day, and I’m so excited to share this work with you.

This is a fabulous resource for all fellow street photographers, restless wanderers and beautiful madmen.

You will get

10 lessons on courage and confidence
Workbook with creative exercises to implement what you learn
+ additional free resources and support