I love immersing myself in the spirit of the place before I actually take any photographs. I take a walk, notice the light, the atmosphere, the air, the energy. I allow inspiration to flow through the place and through my heart, to connect us and reveal the images that long to be seen and taken.


When my camera joins the adventure, I don't overthink the shots, I don't plan them. I let my eyes wonder, and I watch my surroundings with an open mind and soul. I look for details, for those precious, fleeting moments that are gone in the blink of an eye. I know my task is to capture them, eternalize them, tell their story so that their magic can live on.


Back in my studio, I study the photographs and let them speak to me. So often I discover treasures I didn't even notice when I made the photograph, yet their made their way into the frame because they were meant to. I love all my photographs, and choosing only a handful to share with the world is an uneasy task and an adventure. Every series that comes out of this exploration has a unifying emotion that flows through the images, connecting them like an invisible thread.


Sharing the photographs is an act of both love and courage. As an artist, I feel a strange mixture of thrill and fear each time I send a piece of work out into the world. Every photograph is a little miracle, a moment of beauty, magic, compassion, understanding, unity. It's a story told without words, from my heart to yours, it's a vibrant meeting place of energy and emotion. For me, being able to tell it and touch your life with it, is the biggest gift and the most rewarding experience. My calling. My passion. The purpose of my life.