I am a storyteller.

I wander the world, collecting magic encounters and precious, unrepeatable, wondrous moments of human existence. I share them with others, through my images, with the hope to touch their hearts and move their souls. As we all become part of these stories, their spirit lives on and creates a ripple effect of open-minded kindness, compassion, courage and joy.

It is my deepest wish and desire to create and share beauty and joy.

To uplift the world with my photography, one person at a time, one heartbeat at a time, one image at a time.

Street photography has the power to connect.

It connects people and cultures, and helps us return to our truth. Street photography can change the world and make it a better place for all.

Street photography erases boundaries.

It erases boundaries between countries, nations and languages, as it speaks directly to our souls and tells life-changing stories without words.

Street photography is a heart-to-heart conversation.

It communicates through the energy of beautiful, meaningful, intentional and thoughtful imagery.

Street photographs are not taken.

Street photographs are made. They are created through the heart of the photographer who is ready to listen to the subtle whisper of fleeting moments.